Adjusting the cabinet hinges and changing the mattress

How do I adjust the spring hinges of the Airstream cabinets so they close like new?

The hinges are not difficult to adjust, but you do have to pop the cover off the inside rectangular portion of the hinge to get to the screws. If the door is not closing properly, or is no longer hanging straight you can make the adjustments with a simple screwdriver.  Instructions are found on pages 37-38 of Airstream Life’s (Nearly) Complete Guide To Airstream Maintenance.

If the door is not staying shut due to a weak spring, then the hinge will need to be replaced. The hinges in the newer model Airstreams are typically a high end European cabinet hinge and if you need to replace them you can find them in most of the big box stores. Be sure to take one with you, to match the sizes!

What options are there to replace the odd shaped queen mattress of the Airstreams? Factory replacements take a month to get and cost over $1000! There has to be a replacement option that is more economical and just as nice as an original Airstream queen mattress.

Unfortunately this is not one of those situations where you can have it fast, easy or cheap. If you want to stay with the custom size, you will need to deal with Airstream to get a replacement or go to a custom mattress manufacturer and have them make you one. Depending on where you live you may have a resource in your local community.

The custom route locally will likely cost close to the Airstream price, but you can get the exact firmness you want and choose the level of quality you are willing to pay for. The fast and cheap option is to buy a mattress from a regular mattress store that you can make “fit”. You may lose some of the walk-around room at the foot of an island bed, or it may be taller than the nightstands, but you can have it tomorrow.