How to replace a fuse in your Airstream

It’s so easy you’ll be wishing that fuses would blow just so you can show off your mad fuse-replacing skills.

All you need is a replacement fuse of the same amp rating, and a little plastic fuse-pulling tool. You’ll find both of these things in Airstream Life’s Maintenance Essentials Kit.

The process is shown in the 1-minute video below:

If a fuse blows shortly after replacing it, you’ve probably got a short circuit somewhere. Stop and check with an RV technician. Don’t replace the fuse with a differently-rated one!


    • RichLuhr says

      Yes, there are a few other fuses in a late-model Airstream, including appliance-specific fuses in the Fan-tastic Vents, in the battery box for the power hitch jack, the refrigerator, and other appliances like a macerator (if equipped).

      There are also several DC breakers, including for the batteries (at the DC bus bar), the 12-volt tow vehicle charge line coming from the 7-way cord, the breakaway switch, and the battery disconnect relay. It’s rare to have a problem with any of these.

      Your clue that one of these breakers has tripped, or appliance fuses has blown, would be that only one thing doesn’t work. The fuses in the main DC fuse panel mostly control multiple things so a failure of (for example) a couple of lights and a USB outlet would point to blown fuse in the fuse panel. If the fridge wouldn’t power on but everything else worked, I’d go looking for a fuse on the refrigerator itself.

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