MüvFree Computer Stands

Too much sitting—including long hours behind the wheel of our vehicles—coupled with continually looking down at computer screens is “wreaking havoc on our health,” said Kephart “Kep” Taiz, creator of the innovative MüvFree furniture collection. His adjustable computer stands raise screens to eye level and allow the user to stand or sit, improving posture and encouraging movement while you type or work online.

Essentially, the stand tilts and angles your laptop—conforming it to your body, not the other way around. That means less fatigue while you work, and less chance of injury. If you’ve ever had backache or wrist pain while working at your computer, you’ll see the value in the MüvFree stands.

“Airstreamers are one of my niche demographics,” said Taiz. “Our mobile, sit-stand desks are ideal for working in compact spaces, and the multifunctional all-wood designs can be integrated into the Airstream office to create a range of comfortable positions for working with tablets, laptops and books.”

MuvFree Slide Stand
MuvFree Slide Stand

The MüvFree desktop stand may be the ideal portable workplace for Airstreamers who desire a more ergonomically correct and comfortable way to use a laptop computer while traveling. MüvFree units are priced from $150 to $400, and come in three configurations: the highly portable “Lift” model, the “Leap” (a larger design best suited for home or office use), and the “Slide” which makes it comfortable to work from your bed, gaucho, or banquette. It can even be hung from the wall. Outside Interests staff used the Slide model during Alumafiesta in Tucson, and field tested the device later at home and in a mobile Airstream office.

The attractive, mod Slide is made of hand crafted birch wood, is reasonably light (a little over six pounds), and can be adjusted to an infinite combination of angles, heights, and distances relative to your body.

It’s easy to use: Clamp your laptop or tablet securely to the stand with soft rubber grabbers, then adjust the frame to the exact position that makes you most comfortable. Taiz recommends standing, to reduce pressure on the neck and spine while encouraging frequent changes in posture.

The Slide folds down to a manageable size when not in use (but probably stows best in your tow vehicle if you own a Bambi). Each MüvFree stand is currently hand-built by Taiz in Tucson, and his designs continue to improve as he experiments with new materials. For example, the Slide we tested was optimized for 13″ laptops, but a revised model with new clamps that are better suited for 15″ computers is on its way.

If you find that your MüvFree stand is difficult at first to adjust, we did too—but that was due to the fresh varnish, recently applied. A little furniture wax and the moving parts should glide easily into the configuration you’re looking for. (Taiz has also just updated that model with a new type of gasket for easier adjustments.)

When you see the MüvFree stands, you can see the roots of their design in Taiz’s enthusiasm for yoga and minimalist design. The light bamboo and birch materials will look good in your late-model Airstream, and accent colors can be hand painted to coordinate with your decor.

Product availability will vary, based on Taiz’s production schedule. Learn more at müvfree.com