Traveling with bicycles

Reader Mary L. posed this question:

“How can we transport electric bikes with our Airstream? We have a Fiamma rack on our 2014 25-foot FC that works perfectly with our “regular” bikes, but two ebikes riding on it would exceed the stated weight limit for Fiamma, and I wouldn’t want to test that limit, given others’ experiences. Is there a known other solution?”

Airstream & Pedego

There are a couple of options for you to consider.

Some time ago Airstream teamed up with Fiamma® to co-develop a unique bike carrier designed to fit 1969-to-current Airstream trailers with aluminum bumpers. The rear-mounted rack has a carrying capacity of 75 pounds.

Depending on the brand, e-bikes generally range between about 38 and 70 pounds—so your Fiamma rack is suited for a single bike weighing in at about 50 pounds and an additional “regular” bike. You’d need to stow your second eb-bike in the truck bed or inside the trailer when you tow.

Fiamma rack

Have you looked into electric kick scooters? They weigh 36 pounds, fold down to a very portable size, cost $700-800, and (importantly) they look cool. The range is pretty good too—10 to 12 miles if you’re stopping and starting; up to 15 miles smooth cruising.